Reconciliation (12 Movement Work for SATB Choir and Piano)

Postcards From Coventry

I have 12 postcards from St. Michael’s Cathedral in Coventry, England framed and hanging in my office.  I picked them up when I was on choir tour as a poor graduate student back in 2004.  One of the postcards contains this piece of art (pictured) entitled Reconciliation.  Here is a wikipedia article describing the work:

The sculpture Reconciliation by Vasconcellos showing two former enemies embracing each other. It was erected in 1995 in the north aisle of the ruins of St Michael’s Cathedral, Coventry. (Destroyed during fire bombs during the Coventry Blitz on 14 November 1940). The text on the pedestal is in English and in Japanese. The English text reads: In 1995, 50 years after the end of the Second World War this sculpture by Josefina de Vasconcellos has been given by Richard Branson as a token of reconciliation.An identical sculpture has been placed on behalf of the people of Coventry in Peace Garden, Hiroshima, Japan. Both statues remind us that in the face of destructive forces, human dignity and love will triumph over disaster and bring nations together in respect and peace.

I started writing a multi-movement work based on the postcards.  Each movement would be a different prayer in Latin.  This is the first movement.  It can serve as a concert opener or a call to worship.

I.  Dominus Vobiscum   Find The Sheet Music Here

II.  Actus Contritionis  Find The Sheet Music Here

III. Veni Sancte Spiritus Find The Sheet Music Here

IV. Kyrie   Find The Sheet Music Here

V. Gloria

VI. Credo


VIII. Gloria Patri         Find The Sheet Music Here

IX. Oratio Ante Communionem

X. Agnus Dei

XI. Benedictus

XII. Pater Noster

Find All Of My Work Here

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