Hello.  My name is Tyler. I teach music at an all boys school in Nashville, Tennessee.  Since I began my career in education in 2006, my compositional output grew as the result of a seed planted by my very creative and versatile childhood piano teacher.   My first attempt at a composition was a smudgy, prepubescent 32 bars entitled “Adventure in D”.  I felt so adventurous changing time signatures in the work that this was the only title to bestow on such an endeavor.  Wild stuff for a sixth grade, pimpled shooting guard.

Since the sixth grade, I received some training in music and have composed for the theater, recital hall, worship services and have  been commissioned by specific ensembles for performance.  This site will allow me to expound the thought process behind my works and hopefully connect you to the music!  I look forward to hearing what you think and if you were so inclined to purchase some of my music, there will be links for that too.  Thanks for stopping by, please share with others and sign up for updates.


Click here to preview and purchase my works.

The dots on this map represent all the locations where my work has been purchased since January 1, 2016.


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